Monday, 17th March 2008

1992 IOPC Fund meetings - Monaco

The Group attended the annual Spring meeting of the 1992 IOPC Fund Executive Committee that was held in Monaco from 11 - 14 March. The fourth meeting of the 1992 Fund fourth intersessional Working Group on non-technical measures to promote quality shipping for carriage of oil by sea and the first meeting of the 1992 Fund fifth intersessional Working Group (HNS Focus Group) were also held in the same week. The Group presented papers to both the Executive Committee and HNS Focus Group meetings, firstly on implementation of the 2001 Bunkers Convention and the need for Contracting States to have the necessary procedures in place to issue Flag State certificates to vessels registered in their State and also vessels registered in non-Contracting States, and secondly on historical claims data relating to incidents involving the carriage of HNS by sea. The Chairman of the HNS Focus Group confirmed that the meeting had made significant progress on overcoming the obstacles that have prevented implementation of the 1996 HNS Convention. A further meeting of the HNS Focus Group will take place in June, with the intention of submitting a draft Protocol text to the IMO Legal Committee in October. The fourth intersessional Working Group, in which the Group has been a major participant, met for the final time. The Working Group will submit a report on its work to the 1992 IOPC Fund Assembly in October 2008.

18 Jun 2020

Updated Industry Guidelines on the Carriage of Seed Cake in Containers

The carriage of Seed Cake cargoes continues to cause confusion and the potential for mis-declaration remains high - with the consequent risk of fire on board container ships. Seed Cake is the term used for pulp, cake, pellets, expellers or other cargo where oil has been removed from oil-bearing seeds, cereals or commodities with similar properties, including all such types of seed meal. It is principally used as an ingredient in animal feeds.
22 May 2020

International Group clubs respond to the US Government sanctions guidance for maritime and related industries.

On 14 May 2020 the US issued a Global Maritime Advisory (“Guidance”) aimed at a range of industry sectors including marine insurers such as P&I clubs, shipowners and charterers.