Monday, 13th October 2008

CMI Conference Athens October 2008 - Group attendance

The 2008 conference of the Comite Maritime International was held in Athens from 13 to 17 October. The conference agenda included, amongst other topics, the proposed draft instrument on Places of Refuge, the UNCITRAL draft Convention, the Wreck Convention, Non-Technical Measures to promote Quality Shipping and the HNS Convention. Nigel Carden, Andrew Bardot and Hugh Hurst were invited to appear on panels and to present at the conference. Notwithstanding the lack of support within the IMO Legal Committee for the development of a new instrument/convention when this matter was last considered by them in 2005, following a vote taken at the Conference, the CMI will be submitting a draft instrument on Places of Refuge to the IMO Legal Committee for further consideration.

25 Nov 2019

New Industry Safety Guidelines published for the stowage of Dangerous Goods – Container ships

The International Group is pleased to announce that new safety guidance for the stowage of dangerous goods on board containerships has been published.
13 Nov 2019

International Group publishes a revised International Group Agreement

Please note that following a meeting on 12 November 2019 the International Group has published new guidelines on the interpretation of the International Group Agreement together with a revised agreement.