Comite Maritime International (CMI) 2012 Conference

Friday, 19th October 2012

The 40th Conference of the Comite Maritime International was held in Beijing from 14th to 19 October 2012. The Conference was attended by almost 400 National Maritime Law Association delegates representing over 50 States.

Topics covered during the Conference included Judicial Sales of Ships, Cross Border Insolvencies, the "Rotterdam Rules", Piracy, review of the Salvage Convention 1989, review of the York Antwerp Rules 2004, and Arctic/Antarctic legal regimes. The main issues of relevance for the Group were the proposed review of the Salvage Convention and amendment of the York Antwerp Rules 2004.

The Conference considered the proposals put forward by the International Salvage Union for revision of the Salvage Convention 1989 and in particular in the context of Articles 13 and 14 of the Convention its proposal to introduce an Environmental Salvage Award. The proposals for change were not supported by the National Shipowners Associations represented by the ICS or the Group, or by the majority of the CMI National Maritime Law Associations who participated in the debate at the meeting and the proposals were not adopted. The Conference also considered proposals put forward by CMI for revision of certain provisions of the York Antwerp Rules. The meeting decided not to adopt the proposals put forward but to establish a working group to carry out a more detailed review of the Rules with a view to developing proposals for possible changes to the rules which could be considered for adoption at the next CMI Conference in 2016.