Thursday, 8th June 2006

EU Green Paper on future Maritime Policy

The long-awaited Green Paper EU maritime policy prepared by EU Commissioner Joe Borg and a task force headed by John Richardson was published on 7th June. A copy of the English text is attached (click header to access). In relation to the P&I; clubs, the paper notes that ìProtection and Indemnity (P&I;) clubs should ensure that their operations provide incentives for quality shipping and penalise sub-standard ships.î The Group response to the paper will detail the measures which are already in hand within the Group clubs for dealing with ship quality issues. Encouragingly the paper also recognises that ìMuch of maritime policy, particularly where it concerns trans-boundary activities is best regulated on the basis of international rulesî and that the EC can ensure the speedy ratification of international conventions and the EU can contribute towards better implementation of international instruments. The Commission also continues to press for EU membership of the IMO. Following publication of the paper there is a consultation period which expires at the end of June 2007.

Download EU_Green_Paper_on_Maritime_Policy_final.pdf
22 May 2020

International Group clubs respond to the US Government sanctions guidance for maritime and related industries.

On 14 May 2020 the US issued a Global Maritime Advisory (“Guidance”) aimed at a range of industry sectors including marine insurers such as P&I clubs, shipowners and charterers.
20 May 2020

Vessel monitoring and P&I insurance – ship’s Automated Information System (AIS)

The ability to track vessels using their AIS (“Automatic Identification Signals”) has become an increasingly important part of Clubs’ sanctions compliance programmes. All International Group Clubs have now agreed a common minimum standard of tracking.