European Union Measures against Iran - Council Regulation 267/2012 dated 23 March 2012 - Frequently Asked Questions – updated 15 August 2012

Wednesday, 15th August 2012

The Group has continued its engagement with the UK’s Competent Authorities seeking further clarification on the scope of application of the measures contained in Council Regulation 267/2012 and in particular in relation to the application of the prohibitions to Iranian oil/petroleum products loaded and transported as ships bunkers and lube oils and cargo residues/slops which have generated numerous enquiries from members.

Following further clarifications received on these issues and on other issues, the FAQs which were last updated on 25 May 2012 have been further updated as at 15 August 2012. In relation to bunkers and lube oils, as noted under FAQ 6 the views expressed by the UK's Competent Authority that bunkers and lube oils used in the vessel's engine/machinery are not subject to the loading, transportation and insurance prohibitions are not legally binding and may not be shared by the Competent Authorities of other EU Member States.