Monday, 30th March 2020

Preliminary list of recommendations for Governments on the facilitation of maritime trade during the COVID-19 pandemic

The IMO Secretary-General has today circulated a Preliminary list of recommendations for Governments and relevant national authorities on the facilitation of maritime trade during the COVID-19 pandemic, as proposed by a broad cross section of global industry associations with consultative status at the IMO, including the International Group, and that represent the maritime transportation sector.  The recommendations are issued in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and IMO Member States and international organizations are invited, as appropriate, to make use of the annexed recommendations contained in the following download.

Maritime transport carries around 90% of world trade, so it is vital that Governments facilitate the continuing operation of shipping and ports under their jurisdiction. This in turn permits the marine transport of cargoes so that supply chains are not disrupted and allows the global economy, and society as a whole, to continue to function throughout the pandemic.  It is hoped that these recommendations, as fully supported by the International Group, assist Governments and their relevant national authorities to take a pragmatic and practical approach to the facilitation of shipping and port operations at this difficult time.

Download IMO_Circular_Letter_No.4204-Add.6.pdf
13 Apr 2021

Guidelines for the Carriage of Seed Cake in Containers

An updated version of the “Guidelines for the Carriage of Seed Cake in Containers” is jointly published today by the International Group and CINS (the Cargo Incident Notification System).
03 Mar 2021

Safety animation to help prevent the loss of life in enclosed spaces onboard ships

Too many lives are lost unnecessarily when seafarers or shore-based personnel enter enclosed spaces on board ships. The International Group has collaborated to produce a safety training animation that draws attention to the risk of entering such spaces without first taking preventive and protective measures.