Sunday, 1st July 2007

Presentation to EMSA in Lisbon

The Group were invited to make a presentation to the staff of the European Maritime Safety Agency in Lisbon on the structure and organisation of the International Group and the benefits that the Group system delivers. The presentation which was given by Andrew Bardot, Nigel Carden (Chairman, Ship Standards sub-committee) and David Baker was followed by a focused question and answers session and breakout meetings on a number of other issues of mutual interest/concern. The Group have been invited to participate in an EMSA workshop for EU member states on places of refuge in September.

13 Nov 2019

International Group publishes a revised International Group Agreement

Please note that following a meeting on 12 November 2019 the International Group has published new guidelines on the interpretation of the International Group Agreement together with a revised agreement.
01 Nov 2019

IOPC Funds’ meetings at the IMO - International Group attendance

The International Group attended and took the lead industry role in the discussions at the meetings of the IOPC Funds that were held in London at the IMO HQ on 28 October – 31 October 2019.