Friday, 31st May 2019

SOPF 30th anniversary event, Ottawa, 28 May – International Group participation

The International Group participated and presented at the Canadian Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund’s event in Ottawa on 28 May to celebrate 30 years of the Fund compensating victims of oil pollution from ships.

Since its creation in 1989, the Fund has received more than 409 claims and paid $24 million in compensation following the discharge – or the risk of a discharge – of oil in Canadian waters from ships of all types.

The International Group presented at the event on the Group Clubs’ involvement in handling and assessing ship sourced oil pollution damage claims in Canada and paying compensation to claimants.

The event was a welcome opportunity to cement the International Group’s relationship with the Fund, Transport Canada and other key stakeholders in Canada and to explain how the International Group Clubs underpin the international regulatory system governing liability and compensation for ship-sourced oil pollution damage.


14 Oct 2019

EMSA Places of Refuge workshop. International Group participation

The International Group played an active and full role in the planning and delivery of the 4th Table Top Exercise on Places of Refuge.
11 Oct 2019

Marine Environment Seminar, Mexico City – International Group participation

The International Group attended and participated in a Marine Environment Seminar held in Mexico City on 3rd – 4th October