Annual Summary Videos 2021

Chair Paul Jennings and Group CEO Nick Shaw discuss the Group’s activities over the last 6 months including a review of claim trends, current and future challenges and how collectively the Group can share collective expertise on marine liability issues thus allowing for global trade.


Review of Claim Trends

The Group tracks its pool claims data each policy year to monitor for any long term trends and this helps manage its ongoing risk. In this first video hear from Paul Jennings and Nick Shaw where they discuss the claim trends for 2021/22. The key messages include, no marked increase in the number of pool claims, the importance of maintaining high levels of P&I liability cover to support Global shipping and the long term relationship with the reinsurance markets.

Collectively stronger

In this second video Paul and Nick discuss how The International Group is able to share all 13 Group Clubs’ collective expertise on marine P&I liability issues to assist all Club shipowner members and help to facilitate global trade. Also how through the Group’s P&I Qualification programme, we help to train and share knowledge and experience with a wide spectrum of industry stakeholders and how the Clubs’ global network of approved Correspondent, provide professional and reliable support in handling local issues and claims.

Current and future challenges

In this final video of Group activities, Paul and Nick discuss how the International Group is helping to meet some of the challenges faced by the shipping industry today and also prepare for the challenges of the future ensuring sustainable P&I insurance for shipowners. Topics covered include ESG, safety, the move to new fuels and the risks of regional legislation.