03 Mar 2021

Safety animation to help prevent the loss of life in enclosed spaces onboard ships

Too many lives are lost unnecessarily when seafarers or shore-based personnel enter enclosed spaces on board ships. The International Group has collaborated to produce a safety training animation that draws attention to the risk of entering such spaces without first taking preventive and protective measures.
27 Jan 2021

Annual Summary 2020/21

The Group has weathered the COVID-19 storm in 2020 and is coming out in 2021 with renewed focus on how sustainability within Clubs and the marine insurance industry generally, can help to support our shipowner members in a changing environment. Chair Paul Jennings and Group CEO Nick Shaw look back at 2020 and forward to the challenges for the Group in 2021.
“The Group is committed to keeping under active review the ways in which clubs collectively deliver benefits for their shipowner members, and looking to the future, to ensuring that the Group’s pooling and reinsurance arrangements, which support the very comprehensive cover provided to the clubs' shipowner members, evolve and adapt to meet the challenges of new technologies which are being developed within the shipping industry and the new regulatory challenges facing both shipowners and marine insurers.”
Paul Jennings
International Group Chairman