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The Group’s Strategic Roadmap

Tuesday, 5th December 2023

The Group’s 6 strategic goals support Group Clubs’ commitment to maritime excellence and helping to facilitate  global maritime trade.

1. Efficient Casualty Response

Where a maritime incident occurs, our goal is to help shipowners and maritime states ensure a swift, efficient, and well-coordinated response, minimising the impact on the marine environment and swiftly restoring operational integrity. We seek to support states by promoting the appropriate legal frameworks to address large casualties. In some cases, we enter into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to formalise our common understanding and ongoing relationship with the government administration which sets out a framework for cooperation.

2. Supporting IMO's Liability Conventions

The Group has consultative status at the IMO. Together with other industry bodies, the Group provides expert industry advice and experience on the development of IMO Conventions.

3. Enhancing Maritime Safety

The Group works collaboratively with a wide range of industry bodies, governments and NGOs, and in the IMO, to gather and share knowledge. The Group is moving towards increased greater data sharing with the ultimate aim of improve safety standards.

4. Education and Industry Outreach

Our industry relies on its people. We are committed to supporting quality training and development globally. Quality education is a key enabler for sustainable development. We do this through our own P&IQ exams and through our growing outreach programme to maritime educational institutions around the world. 

5. Guidance on Sanctions

Navigating the complex landscape of global sanctions is a challenge for many. We work daily to provide shipowners with timely, precise, and actionable guidance on sanctions, knowing that our advice will reach the vast majority of shipowners engaged in international marine trade.

6. Decarbonisation

The Group has an important supporting role to play on decarbonisation. The IMO has recently moved its position to aim to reach its Green House Gas net zero target by 2050.  The Group’s role involves encouraging all Group Clubs to support shipowners by maintaining an inclusive approach to P&I cover for ships that move to using alternative fuels. Further, our Alternative Fuels Working Group is working to ensure that the international regulatory framework and liability conventions are amended to support the necessary fuel transition. 

With our six new strategic areas of focus, the experienced Secretariat team aims to harness the collective strength of the Group for the benefit of the Clubs and their shipowner members. Our work does not stop here, and the Group will continue to explore the ways in which it can best contribute to an effective, safe and sustainable shipping industry.

In this video we highlight the 6 key strategic areas that the Group has agreed to focus on for the next three years.

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