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Thursday, 9th May 2024

Helping to share Group Clubs’ expertise and knowledge in maritime services and liability issues across the maritime stakeholder community is a key part of the International Group Strategy. Through the Group’s educational outreach activities with educational establishments from around the world which have relevant maritime educational programmes, we have begun to engage with the maritime workforce of the future.

Why Education Matters to the International Group

The Education Outreach Working Group at The International Group has been highlighting the importance of education in the maritime sector and providing students with information on the International Group, P&I Clubs and the P&IQ. This initiative is not just about sharing knowledge; it is about fostering connections, nurturing talent, and building bridges between academia and industry.

The collaborative educational outreach activities offered so far by the Group have been well received and a tribute to the collective efforts of all the Group Clubs and our educational partners.

The Group will continue to expand its activity with suitable global educational establishments with a maritime focus, whilst continuing to maintain excellent relationships with the educational establishments we have already connected with.

The International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) and the World Maritime University (WMU) have been invaluable partners at the start of our journey. The Group has also already signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) to formalise collaboration with the following institutions to date:

  • World Maritime University (WMU)
  • Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law (IISTL), University of Swansea
  • Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF)


The Education Outreach Working Group and Regional Steering Groups aim to expand the Group’s global network in maritime education, create opportunities for collaboration and together with our other industry association partners, build a sustainable future for education within the industry.

If you are interested in exploring an educational relationship with the International Group or getting involved then please contact  then please contact Annie Stow on: [email protected] 

Here are some photos of our recent successful events including:


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