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The thirteen principal underwriting associations which comprise the International Group, between them provide liability cover (protection and indemnity) for approximately 90% of the world's ocean-going tonnage.

Each Group Club is an independent, non-profit making mutual insurance association, providing cover for its shipowner and charterer members against third party liabilities relating to the use and operation of ships. Each Club is controlled by its members through a board of directors, or committee, elected from the membership.

Clubs cover a wide range of liabilities, including loss of life and personal injury to crew, passengers and others on board, cargo loss and damage, pollution by oil and other hazardous substances, wreck removal, collision and damage to property. Clubs also provide a wide range of services to their members on claims handling, legal issues and loss prevention, and often play a leading role in coordinating the response to, and management of, maritime casualties.


The Group is an unincorporated association of the 13 principal underwriting Associations (Clubs) and their Affiliated Associations and Reinsured Entity. The Group is chaired by a representative, elected on a three year rotation, from one of the Group Clubs. The current Group Chairman, Hugo Wynn-Williams, Chairman of Thomas Miller, was elected in November 2015.

The internal administration and external representation of the Group is co-ordinated by the Group secretariat, based in the City of London and headed by the Secretary and Executive Officer.

The day-to-day work of the Group is carried out through a large number of Subcommittees and Working Groups which deal with a broad range of legal, regulatory and insurance issues impacting on shipowners, operators and charterers.