Friday, 28th June 2019

International Group CEO handover

Having joined the International Group of P & I clubs in April, Nick Shaw succeeds Andrew Bardot as CEO on 1 July.

IG chairman Paul Jennings states “ we are delighted that Nick has settled in well over the past few months and extremely grateful to Andrew for ensuring a smooth transition”.

Nick Shaw has commented - “ I have been impressed with the operations of the Group and excited about the challenge ahead. I am not only able to work with a strong team at the secretariat itself but also able to rely on some outstanding contributions made by several senior club managers. The Group is actively engaged across a broad spectrum of issues facing the industry and able to draw on experts from across the P & I Club network to ensure that we provide the best advice to ship owners to enable their vessels to operate safely and to trade efficiently. The Group’s voice on behalf of its owner members (who encompass more than 90% of the world's ocean going fleet) is respected at all the leading global marine law and liability related forums as well as with state and governmental marine bodies.

Andrew has achieved great things at the Group and I look forward to continuing his excellent work going forward.

14 Oct 2019

EMSA Places of Refuge workshop. International Group participation

The International Group played an active and full role in the planning and delivery of the 4th Table Top Exercise on Places of Refuge.
11 Oct 2019

Marine Environment Seminar, Mexico City – International Group participation

The International Group attended and participated in a Marine Environment Seminar held in Mexico City on 3rd – 4th October