EU Intergroup on Sustainable Development – EU Maritime Policy – Lunch Briefing with Commissioner Borg


The Group participated in the “Intergroup on Sustainable Development” lunchtime briefing with Commissioner Borg on the EU Maritime Policy Blue Paper.

EU Intergroup on Sustainable Development - Ship Visit, Antwerp


The Group participated in the “Intergroup on Sustainable Development” visit to the oil tanker “Young Lady” in dry dock in the port of Antwerp on 20 November.

Shanghai International Maritime Forum & Global Focus on Oil Transportation and Marine Environment Protection


The Group was invited to participate in the Shanghai International Maritime Forum held in Shanghai on 7 and 8 November.

Joint IG/ITOPF/NOAA workshop in Washington and signing of new IG/NOAA MoU


A joint workshop was organised in Washington with participation by representatives from the Group Pollution Subcommittee, ITOPF and NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) at which the issues of moving more quickly to natural resource damage restoration and the use of modelling in the natural resource damage assessment process were addressed.

IMO Legal Committee 93rd session


The annual autumn meeting of the IMO Legal Committee was held in Panama from 22-26 October.

London Shipping Law Centre Lecture - IG Presentation


The Group was invited to participate in the Law Centre's event on the Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention 2007.

IUMI annual meetings and conference in Copenhagen


The Group was invited to participate during the Legal and Liability Committee session at the annual meeting in Copenhagen of the International Union of Marine Insurance.

Seoul International Maritime Forum


The Group was invited to attend the first Seoul International Maritime forum.

EMSA Places of Refuge workshop for EU member states in Lisbon


The Group was invited to make a presentation to EMSA and EU states representatives in Lisbon on insurance issues arising in relation to places of refuge.

Presentation to EMSA in Lisbon


The Group were invited to make a presentation to the staff of the European Maritime Safety Agency in Lisbon on the structure and organisation of the International Group and the benefits that the Group system delivers.

Third meeting of the IOPC Funds Fourth Intersessional Working Group on Non-Technical measures to promote Quality Shipping for Carriage of Oil by Sea


The third meeting of the working group was held during the IOPC Funds meetings held in Montreal from 12 to 15 June 2007.

International Group response to the EU Green Paper on a Future Maritime Policy for the Union


This document sets out the response of the International Group to the Green Paper on a future EU maritime policy prepared by EU Commissioner Joe Borg.

International Group Position Statement on the draft EU Civil Liability Directive following the EP TRAN Committee Vote



New double retention procedure implemented


With effect from 20 February 2007 the Group have implemented a new double retention procedure which may be used in appropriate cases for vessels which have been declined for entry or for which entry has been terminated on the basis of failure to meet minimum acceptable quality levels.

Revised Individual Club Retention and Restructured General Excess of Loss Reinsurance contract effective noon 20 February 2007


With effect from noon on 20 February 2007, the individual club retention has been increased from US $6 million to US $ 7 million and the Group general excess of loss reinsurance contract has been restructured.