08 December 2010

IG - London Shipping Law Centre (LSLC) - Presentation on the HNS Convention/Protocol

Colin Trappe (representing the North of England and the International Group) presented a paper at the LSLC event on the HNS Convention/Protocol held in London on 8 December.

26 October 2010

IG - Hong Kong Maritime Awareness Week - Presentation on Chinese Pollution Prevention Regulations

The International Group (represented by Edward Lee of Steamship Mutual) presented a paper at the Joint Conference on Maritime Labour Convention (2006), PRC Marine Pollution and Maritime Security on 26/10/2010 in Hong Kong.

20 September 2010

European Commission investigation – recent press coverage.

Following the announcement by the European Commission that it has opened an investigation into certain aspects of the International Group’s pooling and reinsurance arrangements, there have been several press comments and articles which infer a lack of activity and engagement on the part of the Group with the competition regulators in Brussels.

26 August 2010

European Commission investigation announced on 26 August 2010

The European Commission has today announced that following the expiry of the second 10 year exemption for the International Group Agreement, it is carrying out a review and making inquiries into certain aspects of the Group's claims- sharing and reinsurance arrangements.

17 June 2010

US Oil Pollution Act 1990 – proposed amendment following “Deepwater Horizon” incident in the US Gulf

On 12 May, as a consequence of the events arising out of the explosion which occurred on the “Deepwater Horizon” oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico on 20 April 2010, President Obama made a formal request to Congress to amend, inter alia, the provisions of OPA 90 relating to shipowner limits of liability, specifically to introduce unlimited liability in respect of removal costs and a new limit (unspecified) for damages claims and a new limit (unspecified) for Certificates of Financial Responsibility (Cofrs).

01 April 2010

IMO HNS Diplomatic Conference - IG attendance

The IMO diplomatic conference to consider amendments to the International Convention on Liability and Compensation for Damage in Connection with the Carriage of Hazardous and Noxious Substances by Sea, 1996 (HNSC) was held in London from 26 - 30 April 2010.

18 January 2010

International Group General Excess Loss Reinsurance Contact Renewal 2010/2011

The arrangements for the renewal of the International Group General Excess of Loss reinsurance contract and Hydra reinsurance programme for 2010/11 have now been finalized.

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