IOPC Funds meetings - International Group attendance


The Group attended and took the lead industry role in the discussions at the IOPC Fund meetings on a range of matters, including the winding up of the 1971 Fund, definition of “ship” and assessment of claims.

Comite Maritime International (CMI) 2013 working group meetings and Symposium


The Irish Maritime Law Association hosted the CMI Symposium in Dublin from 29 September 2013 to 1 October 2013.

IMO DSC 18 - International Group attendance


The Group attended and took the lead industry role at the IMO DSC 18 meeting in the discussions on a new iron ore fines Schedule to the IMSBC Code.

International Group Guidelines for Correspondents


The International Group Guidelines for Correspondents have been reviewed and published by the Group.

Piracy FAQs - Revised August 2013


The revised version of the "Piracy Frequently Asked Questions" has been issued and can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

IOPC Funds meetings - International Group attendance


The International Group took a full and active role in the meetings of the 1992 and 1971 IOPC Funds governing bodies and the 6th and 7th intersessional working groups that were held in London from 22 to 24 April 2013.

IMO Legal Committee - International Group attendance


The International Group attended and took a full and active role in the 100th session of the IMO Legal Committee that was held in London from 16 – 20 April.

Iran Sanctions – U.S. legislation


In recent years the United States Administration has passed and implemented a wide range of sanctions legislation restricting trade activities with certain individuals, entities and States.

Amendments to the International Group Agreement - IGA 2013


The International Group has decided to make some modifications to the International Group Agreement, in particular in relation to Release Calls, which will come into effect during 2013.

Group 2013/14 GXL and Collective Overspill Reinsurance programme and Hydra retrocession renewals


The Group has now completed the placement for the 2013/14 policy year of the first three layers of the Group’s GXL reinsurance programme together with the Collective Overspill layer.

Amended European Union Measures against Iran - Council Regulation 1263/2012 dated 21 December 2012 - Updated Frequently Asked Questions 29 January 2013


The European Union Foreign Affairs Council has amended Council Regulation 267/2012.

International Group reinsurance renewal statement January 2013


The arrangements for the renewal of the International Group General Excess of Loss reinsurance contract and Hydra reinsurance programme for 2013/14 have been finalized.