New International Group Chairman elected


The managers of the 13 member Clubs unanimously endorsed and welcomed the election of Hugo Wynn-Williams, Chairman of Thomas Miller, to succeed Grantley Berkeley as Chairman of the International Group.

IOPC Funds meetings – International Group attendance


The International Group attended and took the lead industry role in the discussions at the October 2015 meetings of the IOPC Funds, in particular on the discussions on the funding of interim payments and the definition of “ship” debate.

International Group Guidelines for Correspondents 2015


The International Group Guidelines for Correspondents have been revised and may be accessed by clicking on the pdf link below.

New Reinsurance subcommittee chairman appointed


Hugo Wynn Williams, Chairman of Thomas Miller, managers of the UK Club, the longest serving current member of the Group Reinsurance subcommittee and chairman of the subcommittee since 2009, has been succeeded as Reinsurance subcommittee chairman by Paul Jennings, Joint Managing Director, North P&I Group.

IG presentation to Intercargo Executive Committee meeting in Hong Kong


John Wilson (Director, Technical Services Asia at the American Club) gave a presentation on liquefaction of cargoes carried by sea, on behalf of the International Group, to Intercargo’s Executive Committee meeting in Hong Kong.

International Group reinsurance renewal update January 2015


The arrangements for the renewal of the International Group General Excess of Loss reinsurance contract and the Hydra reinsurance programmes for 2015/16 have been finalized.

Pool reinsurance programme 2017 - 18


Group Agreements.