European Commission investigation announced on 26 August 2010


The European Commission has today announced that following the expiry of the second 10 year exemption for the International Group Agreement, it is carrying out a review and making inquiries into certain aspects of the Group's claims- sharing and reinsurance arrangements.

US Oil Pollution Act 1990 – proposed amendment following “Deepwater Horizon” incident in the US Gulf


On 12 May, as a consequence of the events arising out of the explosion which occurred on the “Deepwater Horizon” oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico on 20 April 2010, President Obama made a formal request to Congress to amend, inter alia, the provisions of OPA 90 relating to shipowner limits of liability, specifically to introduce unlimited liability in respect of removal costs and a new limit (unspecified) for damages claims and a new limit (unspecified) for Certificates of Financial Responsibility (Cofrs).

IMO HNS Diplomatic Conference - IG attendance


The IMO diplomatic conference to consider amendments to the International Convention on Liability and Compensation for Damage in Connection with the Carriage of Hazardous and Noxious Substances by Sea, 1996 (HNSC) was held in London from 26 - 30 April 2010.

International Group General Excess Loss Reinsurance Contact Renewal 2010/2011


The arrangements for the renewal of the International Group General Excess of Loss reinsurance contract and Hydra reinsurance programme for 2010/11 have now been finalized.

IG - modernisation of the EC competition law regime - December 2009 update



New International Group Chairman elected


At the Annual General Meeting of the International Group of P Club managers held in London on 17 November, the managers of the 13 member Clubs unanimously endorsed and welcomed the election of Gard CEO, Claes Isacson, to succeed Peter Spendlove as International Group Chairman.

Club retention to increase from February 2010


With effect from noon on 20 February 2010, the individual Club retention will increase from US $7 million to US $8 million.

IMO Legal Committee and IOPC Funds meetings - IG attendance


The autumn meetings of the IMO Legal Committee and the 1992 IOPC Fund Executive Committee and 1992 IOPC Fund Assembly were held in London at the beginning of October 2009.

International Marine Claims Conference Dublin


The Group was represented at the International Marine Claims Conference held in Dublin in October and participated on a panel session and presentation on practical and insurance issues arising out of vessel layup.

2009 International Group Conference for P&I Correspondents


The 2009 International Group Conference for P Correspondents was held in Amsterdam on 27-29 September.

IUMI Annual Conference Bruges September 2009


The Group participated at the annual IUMI conference held in Bruges in September 2009 and a presentation was made to the Legal and Liability workshop session on the current status of international maritime conventions in force and pending entry into force.

Piracy – BMP’s Version 2


Following further consultation with industry including the International Group and based on experience gained since publication earlier this year of the industry supported Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy in the Gulf of Aden and off the Coast of Somalia, an updated Version 2 has now been published (click link to view).

Modernisation of the EC Competition Law Regime - impact on the International Group's arrangements - update June 2009



Maritime Security – Piracy related issues


To provide general clarification and guidance on a number of issues which have been raised concerning insurance cover issues arising out of piracy incidents and the engagement of on board unarmed/armed security personnel, the Group has produced a FAQs document (click link to access).

Interspill Conference Marseille May 2009 - Group attendance


The Interspill 2009 conference and exhibition was held in Marseille from 12 - 14 May 2009.

“Hebei Spirit” Master and Chief Officer - Supreme Court Judgement


The International Group has continued to closely monitor developments in relation to the prosecutions in Korea of the Master and Chief Officer of the VLCC “Hebei Spirit” arising out of the oil pollution resulting from the collision of the crane barge Samsung No.

IMO Legal Committee and IOPC Funds meetings - IG attendance


The IG attended and took a full and active role in both the 98th session of the IMO Legal Committee that was held in London from 4-8 April and the meetings of the 1992 IOPC Fund governing bodies and 6th Intersessional working group that was held in Marrakech from 29 March – 1 April.

IUMI 2008 casualty and World Fleet Statistics published


IUMI has just released its updated Casualty and World Fleet statistics as at 31/12/2008 which can be accessed via the link below:.

International Group appoints new Reinsurance Subcommittee Chairman


Hugo Wynn-Williams, CEO of Thomas Miller P and a long serving member of the IG Reinsurance Subcommittee, has been appointed with immediate effect as successor to Just Arne Storvik.

International Group statement - EU – Directive on the Insurance of Ship-owners for Maritime Claims (Formerly the Civil Liability Directive)



International Group General Excess Loss Reinsurance Contract Renewal 2009/2010


The arrangements for the renewal of the International Group general excess loss contract and Hydra programme for 2009/10 have now been finalized.

“Hebei Spirit” Master and Chief Officer convictions and bail applications


The Group has been closely monitoring developments in relation to the prosecutions in Korea of the Master and Chief Officer of the VLCC “Hebei Spirit” arising out of the oil pollution resulting from the collision of the crane barge Samsung No.

Hebei Spirit - International Group Press Release


The International Group of P Clubs has issued a Press Release expressing concern and disappointment at the decision of the Daejeon Appeal Court, Korea on 10 December and the guilty verdicts and jail sentences handed down to the Master and Chief Officer of the Hebei Spirit who have been detained in Korea since December 2007 and who were exonerated from all blame for the incident by a Korean court on 24th June this year.

IMO Legal Committee - 94th session - IG attendance


The annual autumn meeting of the IMO Legal Committee was held in London from 20-24 October.

Group presentation to IOPC Fund delegates


A presentation entitled “IG/ITOPF Perspective on the Handling of Claims under CLC/Fund” was made to delegates attending the IOPC Fund meetings on 15 October at the IMO headquarters followed by a reception.

CMI Conference Athens October 2008 - Group attendance


The 2008 conference of the Comite Maritime International was held in Athens from 13 to 17 October.

International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) annual conference


The Group were represented at the IUMI annual conference held in Vancouver between 14 and 17 September.

Brussels meetings on Third Maritime Safety Package


Andrew Bardot, Jonathan Hare and David Baker met on August 26th with MEP Giles Savary (rapporteur on the draft Directive on the Civil Liability and Financial Securities of Shipowners (CLD)) in Brussels to discuss the European Parliament (EP) Transport and Tourism Committee's proposed second reading amendments to the CLD.

Hebei Spirit - Industry Press Release


The International Group of P Clubs has joined with other industry associations to issue a vigorous joint protest at the continuing unjust and unreasonable detention of two merchant ships' officers from the tanker Hebei Spirit.

The 2nd Seoul International Maritime Forum on Oil Spill damage Compensation


The Group was invited by the Korean Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs to participate in their second International Forum, the theme of which was "How to efficiently assist compensation for oil pollution damages".