12 June 2019

International Group Circular – Bills of Lading and Blockchain Based System

The International Group Clubs have published a circular on electronic bills of lading and blockchain based systems...

11 June 2019

Hong Kong Insurance Authority P&I forum 6 June 2019

The International Group was invited to participate in a forum organised by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority

04 June 2019

IACS – Industry Technical Meeting – International Group participation

The International Group participated at the IACS/Industry Technical Meeting held at the IACS offices in London on 3 June 2019.

31 May 2019

SOPF 30th anniversary event, Ottawa, 28 May – International Group participation

The International Group participated and presented at the Canadian Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund’s event in Ottawa on 28 May

30 May 2019

Spillcon Conference, Perth, 20-24 May – International Group participation

International Group exhibited and presented at Spillcon on 20-24 May

14 May 2019

IGP&I attend the BIMCO Documentary Committee

Andrew Bardot and Nick Shaw attended the BIMCO Documentary Committee meeting held on 14 May in Athens.

26 April 2019

International Group at third Asian Marine Casualty Forum

The International Group participated in the third Asian Marine Casualty Forum held in Singapore on 11 -12 April

15 April 2019

43rd session of the IMO Facilitation Committee

International Group attendance

12 April 2019

International Group signs MoU

International Group signs MoU with the Chinese Ship-Sourced Oil Pollution Compensation Fund

10 April 2019

IUMI 2019 Spring meeting - Hamburg

The International Group was well represented at the IUMI 2019 Spring Technical Committee Meeting in Hamburg this week.

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